Coupled Fined $3,500 For Writing Negative Online Review Is Going To Court

6:10 PM, Dec 24, 2013   |    comments
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Bad customer service happens. One Utah couple expressed their displeasure online and the company sued!

A company called Kleargear, which sells desk toys, unique gadgets, and cube goodies had a "non-disparagement" clause.

That means customers can't post negative reviews about their experience with the company.

So Kleargear sued Jen Palmer and won! Palmer had to pay a fine and the suit impacted her credit score.

We talked to a first amendment lawyer who gave his thoughts on the clause.

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Now, the Consumer Group "Public Citizen" is stepping up for the Palmers and has sued Kleargear and the debt collection company.

According to Consumerist, they're saying the couple doesn't owe the money because the non-disparagement clause is unenforceable.

They want compensation for damaging the couple's credit score and a declaration from the court that the couple does not owe money for writing the negative review.

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