TX Family Discovers Switched Sperm Donor

9:19 PM, Jan 11, 2014   |    comments
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San Antonio, TX -- On Friday we meet for the first time, the family who discovered they were the victims of a sample switch at a Utah fertility clinic.

The switch happened two decades ago and since then the family has moved to San Antonio.

They suspect that Thomas Lippert switched his own sample with John Branum's, and may have done this to other families.

The Branum's lived in Park City from 1990 to 92 and had trouble conceiving, Pam says she and her husband went to a fertility clinic that partnered with the University of Utah. The procedure was a success and eventually Annie was born.

However, last year Pam was doing some genealogy and discovered that John was not Annie's father.

After doing some investigation, they were lead back to Lippert. Since then DNA was used to determine that he is Annie's biological father.

Annie says when she heard the news from her mother she found herself in the middle of a personal crisis.

The Branums wanted to get the news out because they think more victims are out there and the University of Utah is offering to do the testing.


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