Police Need Help Solving Crime

12:03 AM, Jan 19, 2014   |    comments
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BURLINGTON N.C. - In many cases police need the communities to solve crime.

"We can't do our job without them [the community], because they may hold some information that might help us locate that person," Lt. Brett Currie with Burling Police Department said.

"Because we're in uniform and when they see us coming, they might go the opposite way somebody else may see them and know we're looking for them and that will help us apprehend that person," Currie said.

Lieutenant Currie said the process of identifying suspects and serving warrants can be difficult for officers.

In some cases, a criminal's address might have changed or they could simply be off the grid.

So, officers say if you know anything about a crime in your community, the best thing to do is come forward with that information.




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