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Dog Dehydrated, Frostbitten After Being Left in Cold

12:00 AM, Jan 25, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A dog left in the cold was frostbitten on his ears, paws and tail.

The dog was found dehydrated, emaciated and chained behind an abandoned home in Forsyth County.

A realtor found the dog Thursday and contacted SPCA of the Triad.

Tiffany Jourdain is a volunteer with SPCA and rescued the dog.

She said, "He was very, very cold going into hypothermia and he had no water. When an animal doesn't have water in the winter time, they dehydrate and their body starts to shut down."

"Based on how he was acting and how walking was really hard for him and he kept picking up his paws because he was really cold, we didn't think he could live through the night ," said Jourdain.

With food, water, care and warmth, the dog, now named Bruiser, survived.

"All animals are not that lucky," said Brenda Overman, President, SPCA of the Triad.

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Bruiser is doing better but he's still dehydrated and it will be a couple months before he is at a healthy weight.

"His personality went from terrified don't touch me, I don't want attention, I'm scared of you to I want in your lap, I want to kiss you, I want to wag my tail and I just want to be your best friend," explained Jourdain.

Overman says SPCA sees instances like this a lot in the winter.

She says they got at 30 to 50 calls this week about pets and the cold.

The calls range from neighbors neglecting pets to people asking about their own pet's condition.

Overman says a wide misconception is that because animals have fur-they can survive the cold temperatures for extended periods of time.

A good rule of thumb is: if you're cold, your pets are cold.

"Unfortunately a lot of animals don't make it in the winter time so if you see it, you have to speak up," said Jourdain.

"If your neighbor has a dog chained up outside, you have to call and say something. Don't be afraid to get in trouble, don't be afraid to cause a neighbor problems.  You are the voice for animals and if it's not for you, the animal will die."

If you see a pet abandoned in freezing temperatures, call your county's animal control. 

The number for Guilford County Animal Control is 336-641-5990.

The number for Forsyth County Animal Control is 336-703-2480.

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