GCS Students Cussing at District on Twitter

11:59 PM, Jan 28, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- You won't believe what some Guilford County Schools students are doing on Twitter. They're directing profane-laced tweets toward the school district's Twitter account for everyone to see. District reps say the vulgar tweets have increased in the past couple months as the district has increased its presence on Twitter.

The tweets have mostly been weather related. In one example a couple weeks ago, the district tweeted exams will be postponed until Friday. An account owned by a girl named Kylie responded with a profanity.

One of the other examples occurred Monday night. The district was commenting on another school cancellation on Tuesday and the person responded with a profane-laced tweet. District officials say they've had to block dozens of people recently because of inappropriate tweets, most have come from students.

"When you are emailing or tweeting or texting somebody, it takes away that face to face communication and I think that gives people maybe an extra level of comfort that they wouldn't have if it was a face to face interaction," said GCS Communications Director Cynthia Shah-Khan.

"It is moving toward not just student on student, student to a company, student to an organization, and we are losing some boundaries of protocol," added UNCG Social Media Director Debbie Schallock.

The district is trying to curb the language by threatening to block the students from posting on the district's Twitter page. District officials are also keeping a close eye on those users twitter accounts. They want to see if there's a pattern of violence or if there's any threat to the district.

As for disciplinary action, Guilford County Schools has a number of policies that could address inappropriate online activity, but so far, it doesn't sound like anyone's being punished yet.

District officials stress it's important to check your child's social media accounts often. That way you know what they're doing.

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