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Burlington Woman Convinced She's Seen Heaven

12:18 AM, Jan 31, 2014   |    comments
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BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Where will you go when you die?

We all have ideas about what happens after this life. But there's one woman who says she's been there.

"The light, it was very bright and then it was this bright green pasture."

That's just a bit of how Mary Hatley describes what she's convinced was heaven.

"Here I see three figures standing in front of me," she said.

She says she's seen the unseen.

"It was my grandfather, my grandmother and my Uncle David."

A glimpse into eternity.

"I never met my grandmother," Hatley said.

"But I saw her full body in a beautiful dress."

Mary believes she's seen heaven.

"It was beautiful - flowers, birds chirping. Like I could see birds flying, trees with flowers blossoming. It was like spring," said Hatley.

"It felt like the whole time I was in somebody's arms. Like somebody was holding me."

Three months ago, her life changed forever on Bass Mountain Road in Alamance County.

"One of them had called my name in the backseat."

Mary looked back. 
When the road curved, the truck lost traction and flipped several times into a ditch.

"At first, it was very bright," she said.

"When I felt the light, I just felt like an uplifting, like I was rising."

Could she be confused? Still recovering from the blow to her head?

"It was so gorgeous. It felt like I was in a dream. That's what it felt like. But when I started feeling that peace, as soon as the light, I knew this wasn't a dream."

To heaven and back.

"I didn't really want to come back."

But still haunted by the moment when heaven went dark.

"I seen my grandfather holding his hand out to me. And then the next thing I know I see them waving bye. And that's when it got pitch black."

"It felt like all the pain and suffering in life and all the bad I've done, or the bad that's been done to me."

"That's how I would take like hell would be."

"He's showing me a message. Like I shouldn't even be here. I should be dead right now."

No matter what we believe...

"Life's not promised. Tomorrow's never promised."

Mary's alive to tell the story.

"It felt like, this is real. God is real. God loves all of us."

"And I would never say this before, but now I would say this. And live by what god would do."

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