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20 Years Later People Remember Klenner-Lynch Murders

10:56 AM, Jun 3, 2005   |    comments
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Forsyth County, NC -- A crime so heinous it's been told from generation to generation. Nine people brutally killed. It was a dispute between two Piedmont families that became known as the Klenner-Lynch murders. It all ended 20-years ago today with a huge blast on highway 150 in northwest Guilford County. The explosion was Fritz Klenner's black Chevy Blazer; inside were Klenner, his cousin and lover Suzie Lynch, and Suzie's nine and 10 year old boys. Police believe they detonated a bomb while on the run for killing Suzie’s mother, father, and grandmother. Ten months earlier Klenner and Lynch also killed Suzie’s ex-mother in law and sister in law. Detectives on the case believe the killings were sparked from a custody battle between Suzie and her ex-husband, but to this day it's still a mystery. "I still find it fascinating I would love to have some answers unfortunately Fritz took those with him to the grave” says now retired detective Allen Gentry. For the murders of Suzie Lynch's mother, father and grandmother Ian Perkins drove the get away car. He told police he was tricked by Klenner. Perkins took a plea bargain and helped police name Klenner as the killer. He is now asking governor Mike Easley for a pardon.

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