Birds Attack People Outside Store In Texas

CHANNELVIEW, Texas (KHOU)-- Two bird attacks in two days in Channelview have people who frequent the Chrome Shop wondering what's going on. Both incidents were caught on camera.

"We got some kamikaze birds," said Lonny Sieger.

A trucker named Benny Hines was just walking back to his rig when the first incident happened.

"If you watch the video you can see the bird swoop down," said Sieger.

"I took off my cap and started waving them away," said Hines over the phone. "All of a sudden it was more than one bird."

First one bird, then in seconds, three others.

"He was running, and I mean running," said Sieger.

"Running for fear of his life," added Michelle Bradley.

And the birds were close behind.

"The more I tried to fight them off," said Hines, "the worse it got. It was like why were they after me you know."

"All of a sudden that bird hits him, and he went flying," said Sieger.

Benny was down, bleeding and unconscious.

"Open gash wounds, it was bloody, just awful," said Jennifer Zavala.

Benny also lost a tooth. People inside the store heard the commotion. They rushed to help the man on the ground and called 911. But no one knew what happened to him, until they checked the video.

"Everybody was like show me that again, show me that again," said Jamie Sieger. It's a bizarre mystery. No one knows why the birds attacked Benny. But one possible theory could be a baby bird. It's been in the parking lot for the last few days. It can't fly, birds are perched nearby always watching.

It's creepy, like a scene straight out of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". And this tale gets creepier because today it happened again.

"I felt something on my neck, and there was a bird coming after my ass," said Sieger.

This time just one bird, one dive, no injuries. But all this has people at the Chrome Shop watching the birds just as closely as they're watching them.

"I don't know whets going on with those birds," said Robert Esparza.

As for Benny, he's out of the hospital and back on the road.

"They had to put some stitches on my face," said Hines.


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