Can You Have Pneumonia & NOT Be Contagious?

Non-Contagious Pneumonia. Really?!?!?!

It didn't take long for folks to give Hillary Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis a hashtag: #pneumoniagate . One tweeter wondered if a little girl who took a picture with the Democratic Presidential Candidate got too close. Someone else questioned the whole idea of non-contagious pneumonia.

We aren't going to speculate on all of Hillary's medical conditions, but  is there such a thing as non-contagious pneumonia.  The short answer is, yes. Dr. Clint Young of Cone Health Medical Group says pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung. It can be due to a bacteria, a virus or a fungus. Not all forms of pneumonia are infections and some forms of pneumonia are so mild, people don't know they're sick.

"Most of the common community acquired pneumonias do start out as an overgrowth of bugs that are already living in our airwaves and have overgrowth because the person got weak, tired or chilled and their immune system got a little behind."

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