Changing Temperatures Causing Busted Pipes

All across the Triad, busted pipes and water main breaks are keeping water crews busy. You can thank the drastic fluctuation in temperatures.

In Greensboro on Monday, a water maintenance team was fixing a broken water main break on Elmwood Drive. It's just one of seven under Greensboro roads on Monday. The busted line created a crack in the road where the water was forced out.

Neighbors were without water for hours while workers repaired the line. "All of our crews are out right now," said Adam Conn, of Greensboro Water Maintenance. "We had seven; five active right now that they're working. Our crews have been working 24-7 around the clock trying to make sure service is restored."

Early Monday morning, High Point firefighters responded to a broken water line at Showplace West on Main Street. A pipe burst sending water rushing down the stairs.

In Thomasville, city crews are still trying to find the source of a large water leak. We learned Sunday a large leak and several smaller ones drained the city's water supply, leaving many residents without water.

City officials said water has been restored to residents but the location of another leak remained a mystery.

Also busy these past couple of days: Disaster One. The company cleans up after disasters at homes or businesses.

Company President Ras Fenger said they've responded to 150 emergency calls since Thursday and they're still going.

Right now, they're on a waiting list a couple days long because cleaning up a flooded building is not an easy job. "Once we come out there in a hurry to try to stop the damage from getting any worse, then there's a job afterwards of bringing the homes or the properties into the condition before the break so there's some repair to be done as well," said Fenger.

Disaster One said this might be the end of the busted pipes at homes and businesses, at least for this cold spell.

As for water mains, this problem could extend through the week as temperatures continue to fluctuate.

What do you do, if your pipes burst?

The first step: turn off the main water supply. If the burst pipe is still frozen, don't try to thaw it.

Call a plumber.

Always take pictures of your damaged belongings before you start cleaning up for insurance purposes.


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