Author's Push To Pick Up The Ball On Anti-Bullying

The face of bullying has changed over the last several decades. No longer are the tauntings isolated to school grounds for many children but some of them can't get away from the seemingly 24-7 harassing through messages, pictures and video on the internet.

Bullying prevention expert and author of "With All My Might", Gabriella van Rij, launched a national anti-bullying campaign. The campaign is based on her slogan "We as a society have dropped the ball on Human Kindness. Will you help me pick it up?" Along with the slogan she created a basketball. The goal is for the ball to get passed from school to school across the U.S. until every single school implements measures to stop bullying.

Watch her interview on the Good Morning Show to learn more about it.

Van Rij also provided tips for parents to recognize the threat of bullying.

1. Keep and open flow of communication with your child

2. Learn how to recognize the signs

3. Monitor your child's smartphone activity

4. Intervene immediately

5. Seek professional help if necessary


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