Facebook Helps Vietnam Vet Reunite With Sister After 42 Years

ATLANTA, GA (WXIA) -- It was a reunion 42 years in the making. A brother and sister had not seen each other for more than four decades when social media brought them together again.

Most people go on Facebook to look at pictures, or see what their friends and family are up to, but for one family, it was the lifeline that brought them back together after a lifetime apart.

It's a phone call Daniel McLean didn't think he would ever make: forty-two years after losing his sister Janet, he heard her voice.

"We called and...I found my sister," he said.

His daughters and grandchildren knew all about Janet, but had never met her. She was born disabled, and Daniel was protective of his little sister. He called her Pug, and never left the house without her.

"He never went on a date by himself, she went on his back, he carried her with him," said Daniel's daughter, Laura.

After their parents died, Daniel and Janet were placed in foster care.

At 18, Daniel enlisted in the Marines, and went off to Vietnam.

Injured in a bomb blast, the military mistakenly told Janet that Daniel had been killed in action. When he got back to the United States, the foster agency told Daniel they didn't know where Janet had gone.

"Forty-two years. I couldn't imagine being without my siblings that long," said Laura.

Desperate to track her down, Daniel started friending everyone he could find named Janet McLean on Facebook. Finally, he got a message back.

"It says, 'You have found Pug. And I have been looking for you since 1972,'" said Laura.

Laura saved every penny so that her father could finally be reunited with his little sister in California.

"She saw him, and when they embraced it was like a moment you could never, ever forget," she said.

They stayed in California for 12 days, catching up on years of lost memories, sitting together to make new ones.

Now both families are trying to raise enough money to move Janet to Georgia, so they won't have to say goodbye, or ever lose each other again.


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