FDA Approves New 'Star Wars' Bionic Arm

It's called "Luke" named after Luke Skywalker, in the movie "Star Wars" and it could help amputees do things they could never do before. Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the groundbreaking bionic arm named the DEKA Arm that was later nicknamed "Luke."

According to CNN, the bionic arm was invented by Dean Karmen who also invented the Segway. But it would take 8 years and lots of research before the FDA would approve it.

The bionic arm is like no other in the way it's controlled by signals from the brain. According to CNN, the arm can perform tasks like zipping up a coat, or even unlocking a door using a key. It not only battery-powered but it also has six different grips.

According to CNN, The FDA revealed it's the first prosthetic arm that can perform multiple, simultaneous movements via electromyogram electrodes.

The new bionic arm is for people with limb loss at the shoulder joint, mid arm, or mid lower arm. However the FDA said it can't be fitted for an amputation at the elbow or wrist.


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