Is Your Smartphone Ruining Your Health?

More than two-thirds of adults in America own a smartphone. But are they ruining our health?

Dr. Erica Herman of Novant Health Psychiatric Medicine in Winston-Salem says they can have bring some unwanted health hazards. What are they? Here's her list:

1. Depression: smartphones create irregular sleep patterns and isolation which can lead to depression.

2. Dulled memory: Herman said have the world wide web at your fingertips minimizes our need to memorize. Instead, we just look things up online.

3. Weight gain: Yikes! Dr. Herman said our phones distract us and help us avoid exercise. It can also take your mind off what you are eating causing you to overeat.

4. Spread of germs: There are more germs on our smartphones than you might think. Think about it. Do you take your phone to the bathroom? What's on those surfaces? Do you let other people hold your phone? When's the last time they washed their hands?

5. Strained neck and lower back: When you hunch over for hours looking at your phone it puts pressure on your spine. Dr. Herman said this can cause serious damage and encourages bad posture.

These are things you might want to think about next time you type a text or check social media. Is your phone worth the risk?

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