Parents Doing Juice Cleanses With Their Kids

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Juicing is one of the latest diet crazes where people replace meals with liquid vegetables and fruits. But the crazy part is, some parents are doing these juice cleanses with their children, according to WREG.

Randolph Hospital's Liz Sanders told WFMY News 2 kids need to be eating a variety of foods and include calories, protein and fat.

"When you see them juicing, they are probably not getting the things they need," said Sanders.

Registered dietitian Leslie Schiling told WREG, "I really think parents are fearful of their children becoming overweight. I wouldn't want my kid to ever be on a diet of some sort. Kids have increased protein needs and increased energy needs, because they are growing."

More and more companies are marketing toward kids and posting pictures of little ones - even babies - drinking liquid meal replacements.

Companies claim it gets rid of toxins and even helps children sleep better. California-based company sells a cleanse specifically for them. The website states it is safe for infants as long as you pair it with a raw diet.

Schilling added it's important to know what you are doing and consider the side effects before you put your little ones at risk.


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