Rare Tumor Removed From Boy's Brain

Five year-old Caleb Johnson is back at his Jacksboro home resting after a very long and hard journey. His mom, Amanda Johnson, said, "It's definitely been a hard road and

Amanda Johnson said her son started having violent seizures when he was 18 months old.

"It was scary. The hard part is watching him and me not being able to take his pain away with me being the mom because you know moms kiss boo-boos and we take care of everything," said Amanda Johnson.

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test showed Caleb had a rare type of cancerous brain tumor, one doctors told Amanda Johnson was extremely dangerous.

Johnson said, "The surgeon said on a scale of 1 - 10, he was a 10 for 10. Those were his exact words. He had everything stacked against him, the location, the size, and everything."

Caleb had to travel to Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina where doctors there are some of the only in the country who could perform the surgery.

The first surgery was performed on January 25th and took about eight hours. The second surgery, performed on January 30th, took about two hours.

Caleb's mom said, "When he came out of surgery and he was kind of starting to come to, he looked at the nurse and said 'Can I ride in the big truck'."

Caleb was talking about his uncle's big, black truck. And when Caleb was released from the hospital, he rode in his uncle's truck from the hospital in Charlotte back home in Jacksboro to recover.

"Hopefully he will not have any more seizures and he can live a normal lift now," said Amanda Johnson.

Johnson said since the two surgeries Caleb has not had one seizure.

Caleb has to head back to the hospital on February 19th for a checkup.


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