Thinking Thin: Couple Loses Weight With Hypnosis

Tampa, FL --For Roy and Sue May, life and their health was not what they wanted.

They were overweight and dealing with related health issues.

"My meds run me about 700 dollars a month, in co-pays," explained Roy May.

Roy has high cholesterol and diabetes. He's also had two open heart surgeries.

"I was the fat kid in school, I was the fat kid in college, I've been that way all my life," explained May.

But their life-long label is now fading away. In less than one year, this couple shed about 75 pounds each.

No thanks to diets, or pills or exercise or even gastric bypass surgery. Well, at least not the kind you've heard of.

"As you recall, the experience of having that band placed on your belly," explained Rena Greenberg, hypnotherapist.

Their weight loss trick is only in their heads. It's hypnosis - tricking their minds to believe they've gone under the knife.

"The gastric bypass hypnosis is actually simulating the surgery in hypnosis and imagining that the band is placed on the belly so you just can't eat too much food," explained Greenberg.

With only pounds to lose, the couple decided to take a chance on this unconventional diet plan.

They say it wasn't long before their minds and waists changed.

"Food is what I have to have to survive every day, it's what my body needs, I don't have a desire to feed it crap anymore," said May. "When I look at her and how good she looks, she'll tell you, 'I'm like a 20 year old again.'"


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