High Point Hopes Proposed Infrastructure Development Can Spur Growth

High Point Hopes Proposed Infrastructure Development Can Spur Growth

HIGH POINT, NC – The City of High Point could look a lot different over the next ten years if new construction projects and infrastructure development plans continue to take shape.

First, the construction of the new Publix grocery store is expected to attract more than 6,000 extra drivers every day, according to a spokesperson for the city.

That's why the city is building new stop lights among other road improvements along N. Main Street and Westchester Drive.

But that's not all.

Just a few miles away, a proposed $32 million project is in the early stages of consideration for Eastchester Drive.

If approved, High Point would be the first in the Triad to build an entirely new style of road.

Jeron Hollis with the City of High Point says they are working with the state on a proposal that would turn Eastchester Drive in to a “synchronized street.”

“Incoming traffic and outgoing traffic to the city would be able to sort of operate independently to help create more efficient travel throughout the city,” said Hollis.

It’s a complicated design, but Hollis says it will make traffic flow smoother and safer.

“The biggest thing is that the traffic coming in the city or going out of the city, it can increase the capacity, the amount of vehicles that are able to come into the city or leave because they are only going in that direction and it's more of a controlled path,” said Hollis. “As far as increasing volume as the city and the area grows, being able to maintain their volume in that capacity. Also to keep the same area as a travel more safe. You don't have left turns into traffic as much and your signaling is more controlled on either end.”

If the design is approved, cars will no longer be able to turn left on to Eastchester from side streets or go across the highway.

Instead, drivers would have to turn right and then make a U-turn to go in the opposite direction.

Hollis says that section of Eastchester Drive gets approximately 33,000 vehicles a day.

The goal of the synchronized street would be to cut down on the number of car accidents while also allowing more cars to be able to travel in or out of the city at any given time.

“Any community that can take advantage of development means they are growing. It means there are more people coming to your area,” said Hollis. “It means that you are a community that has more to offer for quality-of-life, for visitors, for travel, for tourism, there are just so many things that development of an infrastructure means for a community”

The synchronized street project is currently on the DOT's list of potential projects but there is no definitive time frame for when the work would start.

Hollis says it could take up to 10 years before the project begins to officially take shape.

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