How To Help A Child Locked In A Hot Car

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The sun is beating down, meaning a lot of people are heading outside to enjoy the warm weather. If you're putting the kids in the car, heading out to the park or running some errands after school, the shining sun is also a big reminder to not leave your kids in the hot car.

If you're out in a parking lot and see a child in a hot car, the first thing to do is call 911.

But if there's no time to wait, you can actually break the window yourself to get the child out.

"Children in vehicles left unattended, especially the weather we're experiencing right now, mid-80s, it can heat up extremely fast," explains Lt. Demarr Inman with the Guilford County Sheriff's Office explains.  "It can take within ten minutes and heat up extremely fast."

But if there's no time to wait, you can actually break the window yourself to get the child out.

Lt. Inman explains people trying to help are protected by a good faith doctrine, so they won't get in trouble for breaking the car window to try and help the child.  Parents, on the otherhand, can face consequences.

This week, a Charlotte father was charged with child abuse after leaving his 5 kids alone in the car.  They're all okay, but Lt. Inman says it's a reminder for all parents to never leave kids unattended.

"Even if you ran in the store real quick, absolutely not," she tells. "You're still leaving that car unattended and you never know what dangers they may face."

If you're worried about accidentally leaving your child in the car, there are some things you can do to help prevent that.  You can take off a shoe and put it in the back seat before you drive; that way you'll step out of the car and remember to check the back seat.

You can also check the car before and after every trip, even if there aren't kids riding in the car, just to make it a habit.

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