How Weather Plays A Role At Wyndham

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The most sought after person at the Wyndham Tournament isn't the top golfer or even the servers at Margaritaville. It's the meteorologist.

Every year, without fail, weather is one of the biggest talkers. The Wyndham officials plan each day's schedule depending on rain, wind, and so on. Stewart Williams is the PGA meteorologist. He monitors the weather conditions throughout the day from his trailer. He puts together a forecast each morning then informs those in charge of making weather calls. Williams also helps determine wind speeds and wind direction, as well as rain chances so crews can determine hole placement on the greens. With a slight chance of rain for Sunday, his job just got that more important.

"When you get into the playing rounds and there's a lot of people out here, it gets crowded on the course. So a lot of times, the people will leave and that one person will want to put that chair by the 18th green and huddle under their umbrella and wait it out," said Williams. "We don't recommend that, but it does happen at times."

The ground crews will post weather warnings for fans throughout the course.


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