2 Wants To Know's Making Your Voice Heard In Raleigh

GREENSBORO, N.C. - 2 Wants To Know always working to hold your elected leaders accountable. Wednesday 2 Wants To Know revealed state House and Senate committees are not required to post agendas of what topics they'll talk about. Some political activists say that allows lawmakers to sneak through controversial bills without much public comment.

We set up a hot line so viewers could sound off.

We promised to forward the voice mails straight to lawmakers. And that's what we're doing. We've posted the audio recordings right here with this story. And we're e-mailing the link to members of the House and Senate rules committees. They decide what type of public notice should be given. Here's a little bit of what you at home had to say..

"Everyone should be appalled by what they are doing – keeping us in the dark about things that we should really be abreast on."

"They need to be more transparent with their constitutions and the people that voted for them."

"We're going to run them out of Raleigh on a Raleigh in November."

"This is ridiculous be you democrat or republican this is not the way we do it in American and they should be ashamed of themselves."

To be more transparent ourselves - there were a couple of people who called in saying they weren't happy with our story. Here's why:

"Why does News 2 not do these types of stories when the democrats are in power. You are silly."

We hear you - it does seem strange for these stories to start now. But our investigative reporter Ben Briscoe has only been lucky enough to live in North Carolina for about a year. So he wasn't here to do the story when the Democrats were in the majority. And this is not about political parties - it's about how both sides are using the law to play politics with your money and lives. If you want to see the law changed to help stop that from happening - please keep calling in to 336-691-5130. We'll make sure your message gets to lawmakers.


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