Alamance Sheriff Says Discrimination Claims Political

BURLINGTON, N.C. - In the U.S. Justice Department's sworn deposition of Sheriff Terry Johnson - Johnson denies discriminating against Latinos and Sheriff Johnson stated that he thought the claims are politically motivated.

The Justice Department's interview with Johnson is almost 300 hundred pages long. Only 46 pages are public.

According to the documents, Johnson made repeated references to "that little group." He's referring to the former employees making claims against his office. Johnson says the group, "tried to undercut the Alamance County Sheriff's Office because I was the first Republican sheriff since I think 1946. And I'm telling you, it was something else."

Johnson also told interviewers other sheriffs typically come in and fire "all the democrats." But he went on to say: "out of the goodness of my heart … I wanted to give those employees an opportunity to make something of that Sheriff's Office because they had been there so long."

Johnson called out those employees saying they had performance issues.

One in particular was what he called "a problem from the day I walked in that office."

Johnson also said he knows at least one of 'that little group' is "a big part of this case."


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