2 Test Challenge: Fake vs Real Diamond Earrings

GREENSBORO, NC -- It's a Valentine's Day explosion at the Friendly Center Harris Teeter.

Through the balloons, bears and bouquets, I spy something sparkling!

2WTK bought a pair of earrings. One was $20, one was $500. Can you tell the difference? In an hour's time, 8 people took the 2 Test.

"These look the best," says Suprena. They may look good, but they're the $20 ones!

"Those are real, " says Joan confidently. "They have a better shine than those ones." Again, the $20 pair was picked!

"I think these are the $500 ones, " says Claudia. " They look shinier and have more patterns it looks like more depth. These look dull to me." Yes, again, the $20 pair was picked!

Out of the 8, only 3 people saw through the shine to spot the real thing.

Don Chatfield said he was at a disadvantage because he didn't have his glasses.

"This one is less dark and this one is more dark. So I'm going to say this is trying to show off more and this is the $20 one."

He got it, without his glasses! Maybe that's the key? Francis Shockey had his glasses on too.

"My jeweler friend told me about diamonds. And I can't remember what he said!"

Francis' memory may not be so great, but his eyes are just fine! He picked the real ones.

It appears the shine gives it away. "Cause these are too clear too clear, too sparkly," says Yolanda.

Most folks couldn't tell the difference. So does it matter which one you get?

Jennifer says yes. "If it's a husband getting something for his wife, yeah. better get the real ones. It's alright to get them for yourself but the cheap ones can't be bought for you."


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