2 Test: Does the Micro S'more Really Work?

WXIA-- It is a summer rite of passage, you sit around the camp fire or bonfire, and you make s'mores.

But during those muggy nights, or the buggy nights, you might to stay inside. A device called the "Micro S'more" claims to make a s'more in the microwave in just ten seconds.

Our Gannett partner in Atlanta put it to the 2 Test.

Who doesn't love a hot, gooey s'more? Selena Samuelson has fond memories of making them as a child,

"Generally you cook outdoors over a camp fire, you know, when you're getting together with a bunch of friends and family."

The Micro S'mores says it will let you make this campfire favorite easy as one, two, three, in only ten seconds. Selena was skeptical but agreed to give it a try.

With her marshmallows and chocolate in the middle she put the Micro S'more cover on the base and lower the plunger and put her microwave on high for 10 seconds.

The directions recommend you cook your s'more for 10 seconds. But at least in Selena's microwave, that didn't seem long enough.

"Well it looks like the marshmallow is done. I just don't know that the chocolate is and that's important said Selena.

Selena tried experimenting with the recipe by breaking the chocolate square into two parts and increasing the cooking time to 20 seconds. That seemed to make a big difference. It was then able to melt a little more.

Selena said it did not taste the same as a campfire s'more, but that it will work and that it is simple enough for the kids to use.

2WTK found the "Micro S'more" on Amazon for $19.95 and on ebay for much less: the cheapest $4.50!


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