2 Test: New App Blurs Video So You Can Share Secret

GREENSBORO, N.C. - There's a new social media app growing among teens called Awkward.

From the ridiculous secrets:

"The police are behind me right now, pulled over. And I'm pretending to be Australian to try and get out of a ticket," one Awkward user posted.

To the serious:

"I'm scare of making new friends, so I just hang out with all my husband's friends," another said.

Even criminal:

"One time I stole a hundred dollar bill from a girl," a third said.

The Awkward iPhone app is supposed to be a chance to get secrets off your chest. The app advertises the ability to "record anonymous video confessions." But look closer in the app's terms of service, Awkward even states there's no warranty or guarantee: "Nobody will be able to identify you."

To find out how easy it is to identify a poster, 2 Wants To Know's Ben Briscoe recorded a secret. Ben took his posting and 2 lookalikes to Center City Park. It wasn't hard for people to pick Ben out.

An Awkward spokesperson e-mailed 2 Wants To Know:

"Awkward is a "semi-anonymous" app by design. Users who want to decrease the chance of being recognized find creative ways to do so by changing their voice or partly covering their face. Playing around with this dare-factor is what makes the app fun."

Click on the video to also look at what legal responsibility you have when posting on social media like this.

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