2Test: Wine Bottle Watering

GREENSBORO, NC -- 2 Tests are designed to save you money or time or both!

This test is designed to save you some green or help you keep something green. This is supposed to be a solution to watering your plants, not wasting water or your time. You fill a wine bottle with water, turn it upside down in the plant...and the water trickles out when needed.

Except when it doesn't trickle out and it gushes out. This is the pot 2WTK first tried. You can see the water ring on the concrete. Within 24 hours, the water was out.

That 2 Test, failed. 2WTK did a little more research, asked plant experts, and they said-- cork the bottle. So, it's 2 Test take 2.

The trick they said was to drill a hole in the cork allowing only small amounts of water to trickle out. By the picture, you can see the hole in the cork.

We've let the bottle sit there all day. We'll check in on it at 5:30pm to see what happens.


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