2WTK Takes Your Concerns To Lawmakers

GREENSBORO, N.C. – More than 60 of you called 2 Wants To Know because you didn't like what state lawmakers were doing. A 2 Wants To Know investigation revealed lawmakers were sometimes rushing through bills so you couldn't comment on controversial topics. For example - giving less than 20 minutes' notice before talking about an abortion bill. You wanted your voice heard and we promised we would make it happen. So reporter Ben Briscoe went to the capitol and tracked elected leaders in the capitol hallways to play them your voicemails.

2 Wants To Know's Making Your Voice Heard In Raleigh

"They have every right to be upset about the process," State Representative Marcus Brandon said.

State law only requires legislative committees to post public notice of when and where they'll meet –
not what they'll talk about. Most committees post agendas voluntarily, so you can be there to weigh in. But political activists from both sides say some lawmakers take advantage of the system - slipping through controversial bills. Even Brandon admits your lawmakers do it - on purpose.

NC Legislative Committees Don't Have To Post Agenda

"When it's something controversial when it's something we're trying to get through without too much flack," he said. "We should close those loopholes that allow you to do the people's business without the people knowing."

On the other side is Representative Tim Moffitt. Moffitt says there's no need for the law require committees post agenda. He says lawmakers make every effort to keep you involved. For example, Moffitt chairs of the Government Reform committee. Moffitt always makes sure his agenda Is posted – unless:

"If you have a time constraint regarding a certain bill and then you will announce at the beginning of the meeting that you would like to also hear this bill and you give the members of the committee to offer their objections," Moffitt said. "If there's an objection, we won't hear the bill. But that's a rare occurrence"

Still the viewers who called in were pretty clear: they want the law to require agendas. Both of these elected leaders are on the rules committee which controls that law. And they say the only way a change will happen is if the public keeps demanding it over and over again. So 2 Wants To Know will continuing monitoring the committees. The next time a bill is pushed through without notice - we'll let you know to once again call in.


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