Another Push To Make Window Blinds Safer For Your Children

You put your kids in a car seat to protect them.You make them wear a helmet when they ride their bike, but something common to most of our homes is being blamed for the deaths of four children-- just in the last month.

The children: ages two, three, four and six died because they strangled themselves by accident on the window blind cord. You might think, how can that happen? The picture of a doll tangled in a cord tells the story.

Right now, there are voluntary standards to make these kinds of cords safer. There are products out there so this can't happen. But again, it's voluntary. The Consumer Federation of America is once again pushing for mandatory standards.

The four deaths in one month have the Consumer Federation of America taking action. They're publicly calling on the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take action and make those standards mandatory to keep children from this accidental death.

Parents For Window Blind Safety is also joining in on this fight. You can learn how to make your windows safer on their website.


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