Answers to your tree clean-up questions

GREENSBORO, NC -- We've been fielding all kinds of storm clean-up question from who pays for downed to trees to who's inspecting restaurants for spoiled food. Today some tree questions:

Beth writes"My yard looks like a war zone due to downed tree limbs etc. I see tons of tree limbs stacked all over the city and none of it is bundled. A neighbor stated the city of Greensboro will not require bundling for a month to help people clear their yards. Is this true?"

The City of Greensboro is waiving all kinds of restrictions:

  • thru March 28: no bundling or bagging is needed. Just get the limbs to the curb and the City will pick it up.
  • thru March 22: you can haul storm debris to the White Street Landfill and drop it off for free

We know Bradford pear trees don't weather any storm well - they are brittle trees with a bad branch system. But why did our pines and magnolias get hit so hard this time around? Experts at NC Cooperative Extension say this time of year those trees are the only ones with foliage so the ice makes their branches really heavy. Plus, most pines are usually in clusters - when one snaps, it takes the others down with it. If you have trees still in the arched or bent position-- a certified arborist should come and take a look at them.

If your neighborhood didn't have many tree issues, look at the WFMY News 2 slide show of storm damage-- you can see what people in the next neighborhood and across the Triad are dealing with. Scroll down on the homepage and look for the gallery tab on the left.


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