Are You Making The Most Of Your Smart Phone?

GREENSBORO, N.C. - These days most people have a smart phone. You know it can make calls, take pictures, answer emails and search the internet. But tech expert Kent Meeker is here to share four things you may not have known your smartphone can do!

JotNot Pro Apple - Costing just $2.99, JotNot Pro uses your built in smartphone camera to 'scan' in images, documents, receipts, or whatever you would like. It easily converts them to pdf format so they can be emailed or stored for safe keeping. (iOS/Windows Phone)

Google Goggles (app) - Snap a photo of something and Google uses the image to perform a search. While it won't ID a passerby on the street, it's great for identifying products, famous landmarks, storefronts, artwork, and popular images online, like celebrities. The algorithm behind the recognition technology is improving. (Android only)

Mobile Hotspot: Most smartphones today allow you to create a Wi-Fi network that multiple devices -----usually up to 5----can use at once. This allows your phone to get your iPad, laptop, or tablet on to Wi-Fi, without a router or other peripheral device. Of course, there is an upcharge from your cellular provider, usually around $10-$30 extra per month. If you travel a lot, you may find that it is worth it....especially if you don't frequent locations that have free WiFi. (This capability does not require an app. It's a feature that is included on smartphones and requires an extra charge.)

Heart Rate Monitor: You can use your iPhone camera (combined with the flash) to count your beats per minute (BPM). It accomplishes this by using the intense light of the phone camera to detect the capillaries' movements and calculate your heartbeat. It ddoesn'trequire any additional monitors to purchase. (Azumio Inc. / Instant Heart Rate / Available on both iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)


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