Behind The Violation: Think Before You Thaw

Greensboro, NC -- Here's a question: When you're cooking, how do you thaw the meat you're about to cook? If your answer isrun it under hot water, you'rewrong.

Keith Gardiner, an instructor in GTCC'sCulinary Department showsthe right way to do it, and why health inspectors say it's a violation.

Gardiner said running it under water and letting it sit in the sink isalmost as bad as letting it sit outon a counter. Gardiner said standingwater will start to warm and create an environment for bacteria to grow."70 degrees and above is where bacteria grows the fastest.That's why, when you're cooling things, its important to get them down to 70 degrees." Gardiner called that the danger zone.

We know its bad habit. Chances areyour mom did it, your grandma did it, and you probably do it, but don't.The best way for everyone to thaw meat is in the refrigerator. So plan ahead to give it time to thaw.


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