Beware Of The Netflix Phishing Scheme

House of Cards, Arrested Development, Orange Is The New Black. When you can't see the latest episode because you get an error message and there's a number for you to call to fix it--- you're apt to call it!

In this case, don't. That's exactly what the schemers want you to do. The Netflix phishing scheme can cost you information and money.

Huffington Post tech writers say you'll see a phony error page with the Netflix logo.You're directed to a phony log-in page and told to call a customer service line. A person, posing as a customer service rep, then tells you to download what they call a "Netflix Support Software".

That software ends up giving the schemers remote access to your account. Once someone has access to your computer, they have access to your banking information, passwords, accounts. The tech expert we have on 2WTK every other week says there is really no reason for anyone to have remote access to your computer. If you ever have any question about a call, email, or text message, whether it's a Netflix issue or another company, you should always look up the number and call the company directly.


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