Burr Takes Action On IRS Bonuses To Disciplined Workers

GREENSBORO, N.C. – $2.8 million, that's how much the IRS is accused of giving out in employee bonuses to more than a thousand disciplined workers, including some who didn't pay their taxes. These bonuses are from 2011 and 2012.

A report released this week says several employees received performance bonuses-- even after they received disciplinary action. The IRS is also accused of giving out more than 2,700 hours in time-off awards to those same employees.

2 Wants To Know heard this story and jumped into action. They called North Carolina lawmakers to see what could be done to prevent more bonuses to disciplined workers. Senator Rchard Burr's office said they've been on top of this issue since February - before the audit report even came out. In fact the Senator sent this letter to the IRS condemning the bonuses.

He also sent this statement to 2 Wants To Know reading:

"In February, I sent a letter to the IRS Commissioner to condemn the IRS's decision to award $62.5 million in taxpayer-funded bonuses to employees. These bonuses were given despite the IRS's deterioration in performance and its targeting of conservative organizations. This new information from the Inspector General of the Treasury Department that the IRS awarded $2.8 million in bonuses to employees who participated in illegal behavior -- including fraud, drug use, and failing to pay their taxes – is a further insult to taxpayers. It is telling that an agency tasked with tax code compliance addresses non-compliance among its own employees by rewarding them with bonuses. What IRS employees need is accountability, not a pat on the back."

Burr's office vows to follow up.

To make sure change actually happens, 2 Wants To Know wants you to show your leaders you care by re-tweeting. Just look for this tweet on investigative reporter Ben Briscoe's account and re-tweet it. That publicly puts pressure on lawmakers to do something. And 2 Wants To Know will follow up - printing out all the re-tweets and sending them straight to your members of Congress.


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