Call For Action: The Most Common Consumer Issues

GREENSBORO, NC -- 2WTK is gives you the opportunity to get free help with your consumer problem. The Call For Action volunteers are trained to help you resolve your consumer issue. They take calls and work cases every Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am-1pm.

The volunteers have solved hundreds of cases and been able to get goods or money back for viewers. Often times, they simply give information.

Here are a few consumer scenarios:

#1 A landlord isn't making repairs. The renter says the landlord is breaking the contract so the renter believes they right to withhold my rent. NOPE!. If you withhold rent you are the one breaking the contract. The only time you don't pay rent is if the place is condemned and you have to pay another party for shelter.

#2 If a fire breaks out in your apartment complex and it wasn't your fault, but you lose all your stuff, the apartment is responsible for replacing your stuff. NOPE! The apartment is responsible for finding you a place to live that is safe, but your stuff? That is all you. renter's insurance is cheap and worth it.

#3 If you use your debit card as a credit card, you have the same consumer protections as a traditional credit card. WRONG AGAIN! Your debit card does not offer you the same protection as a regular credit card. Here's why: when you used your debit card for any purchase the money comes out of your account. It is harder to get the money back if you're contesting the purchase. Using a traditional credit card, it's simply a charge, no actual money is lost. Plus you have 90 days to contest any purchase with a credit card and get your money back.

BE A VOLUNTEER: 2WTK Call For Action volunteers are trained. You can be trained to help too! The folks who are volunteers now have varied backgrounds: a former banker, AT&T customer service rep., a New York police detective, an insurance agent.

The skills you need to be a volunteer: friendly, dependable, computer literate. Volunteer one day a week. either Tuesday or Wednesday from 10am to 2pm. Fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION.


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