Can You Juggle A Bubble? Check Out This 2 Test

GREENSBORO, NC -- This 2 Test defies all the scientific principles you know about bubbles. Since when can you catch, pass or juggle bubbles?

The product Juggle Bubbles claims special gloves can make it happen.

2WTK tested it while we were out for the Tools for School drive.

The gloves may not look like much, but the Juggle Bubbles activity kit calls them "magic" and claims they help you catch, pass and juggle a bubble.

Four kids put the gloves on and got ready to put Juggle Bubbles to the 2 Test.

"I'm going to blow the bubbles, let it wait and then i'll tell you you can touch it and you should be able to do this with it ...okay?"

Before you can juggle a bubble, you have to have a bubble and you have to be able to break it free from the blower! It took us a few tries, but once it worked brothers James and Michael were able to juggle and pass the bubble back and forth.

Kayden bounced, batted and juggled one bubble for almost 30 seconds and Yarina proved the magic real too!

"It's really fun, you can bounce it and play with it and you can make bubbles."

We found Juggle Bubbles for $9.98 at Walmart. So, would you buy it? Kayden's mom says, " I would buy it for a gift or Christmas or birthday. It would be fun for us to do together." Mom's money is one thing, will the bubble fun burst if the kids have to buy it?

"If you had $10 of your own money, would you spend it on this?"

"Mmmm..maybe, yeah, " says 11 year old Michael. "I'd recommend you getting it if you had the money."

Juggle Bubbles comes with one pair of gloves, the bubble mix the blower and tray. They say their bubble mixture if magic too and made to make bubble that's don't pop like normal bubbles. A refill will cost you $5.


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