Can Your Homeowners Association Do This To You?

HOA VS Homeowner

It's your property, your house, your lawn.  So, why did THIS happen?

“I was shocked. I was absolutely shocked they would come on my property, deface it like they have, it looks a terrible mess out there now, there's bricks on my sidewalk that they've left,” says Wuanetta of Charlotte.

This isn't the work of vandals, the Home Owners Association did this. Wuanetta told our news partners WBTV in Charlotte that her Homeowners Association (HOA) yanked out her 10-year-old rose bush last week.
She said she received a letter a month ago about the bushes being overgrown, but called to explain they'd need to be patient with her. It didn't work.

"I'm appalled and I think people should know how cruel an HOA company can be.”

Depends what side you're on, whether the HOA is cruel or competent. You pay the HOA.
And in return the HOA keeps up common grounds and enforces the rules Angie's List had a good explainer of HOA rules.
The rules cannot violate state or federal laws, such as fair housing regulations regarding handicap access and race. An HOA can’t ban the display of the US flag but an HOA can restrict the size of the flag and how it's displayed.

The HOA can ban pets, certain kinds of trees and fine homeowners for letting their grass go uncut for months. In North Carolina, there are laws that outline the mediation process for disputes between you and your HOA and also lays out a process the HOA must follow before they put a lien against your home.

Truth be told, most homeowners get in trouble with their HOA because they don't read the rules BEFORE they do or don't do something. 

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