Car Wax: Does It Really Protect Your Car

GREENSBORO, N.C -- There were long lines at car washes all over the Triad. Of course, you want your car to shine...But between the brine, snow and all the washing, it could do a number on your paint job.

The car wash attendant may ask, do you want the wax? But 2 Wants To Know asked, does wax really make a difference to preserve your paint?

Scott Connor at Shine Shop Automotive says yes. Some sort of protection is definitely necessary. To figure out what kind of protections you're looking for, there's lots of different options depending on what your ultimate goal is.

Connor says a wax is a good option, there are liquid waxes there are pasta waxes. A wax tends to last six to eight weeks, it's a pretty short span as far as protection goes. It will start breaking down as soon as you put it on the car. Depending on how well you take care of the paint is how long it's going to last.

Then there's a little bit newer technology that that is a pint sealant, according to Connor. These tend to last between six to eight months. The shop has new coatings that are out now the paint coatings can last from two year to ten years giving you this kind of feel this kind of protection. Protects that paint from any type of containments, environment effects such as bug damage, acid rain. It gives you that barrier or that time to neutralize those effects that there having on your car buy washing it, if the car has polish or protection on it and you get it washed in time the containments will not damage your paint so it defiantly necessary.


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