Cities Using Dry Ice To Kill Rats

Using Cold As A Weapon

Dry ice is being used as a weapon to kill rats. The rats make burrows in the ground and the ice is put inside.

An online video from USA Today shows how it works.

“Dry ice basically frozen carbon dioxide as it begins to melt it gives off carbon dioxide and that's basically what will put the rodents to sleep.”

“It goes into the hole and we locate it and put it move it to the next burrow 2 to 3 scoops and collapse and do the same thing.”

Dry ice is pretty cheap, about 50-cents a pound for the cities to buy in bulk versus the rat pellets which were $57 per pound.

Chicago, Boston and New York are pilot programs for this.

2 Wants To Know called around and found dry ice for about $1.26 a pound. When WFMY asked McNeely pest control folks if this was a good solution for the everyday homeowner, they said probably not -- from not being able to touch it with your hands to the quantities you would need it in. They said leave the dry ice for when you need to keep food cold for camping.

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