Consumer Groups Warn CarMax Has Misleading Ads

GREENSBORO, N.C. - If a used car dealer told you it put every vehicle through a "rigorous inspection" and "thorough reconditioning process" - would you expect the car you buy to still have problems? Problems that could lead to an engine fire or the breaks failing?

The engine fire and brake failure problems are real open recalls 2 Wants To Know found in CarMax's Triad stock. And those claims about "inspection" and "reconditioning" are from a CarMax commercial.

CarMax is the nation's largest used car retailer. And 11 national consumer groups call it's ads misleading. Those groups just filed a petition urging the Federal Trade Commission to take action.

"CarMax spends a lot doing advertising and leading consumers to believe their cars are okay and they're safe. But we know people who've been sold these cars and they're not safe," said Rosemary Shahan of Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety.

CarMax said they were reviewing the petition for comment, but sent over this statement:

"New car manufacturers do not give used car retailers, including CarMax, the authority to complete recall repairs.

CarMax provides the necessary information for customers to register their vehicle with the manufacturer to determine if it has an open recall and be notified about future recalls.

CarMax supports federal legislation that requires used car retailers to fix recalls so long as the legislation also mandates that manufacturers fully enable used car retailers to make the repairs. The legislation should require manufacturers give used car retailers all recall notices, the same diagnostic and repair information, and the tools and parts that manufacturers make available to their franchise dealers."

Coming up Tuesday on 2 Wants To Know at 5:30 find out how CarMax compares to other dealers and what you need to do before buying any used car.


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