Consumer Reports: FDA Should Reconsider Pill Approval

When a doctor gives you a prescription, you trust it is safe and right for your ailment. But like anything else, if that right prescription is used in the wrong way, it can be dangerous. Consumer Reports believes the FDA should reconsider how prescription painkillers are approved.

Just recently, the FDA approved another potent painkiller called Zohydro E-R. Consumer Reports and the attorneys general from 28 states believe this pill's approval should be reconsidered.

"It offers no clear advantage over other drugs that are currently on the market, and its potency makes it yet another target for misuse and abuse," says Lisa Gill with Consumer Reports.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy cooper is one of the 28 petitioning the FDA.

In the meantime, of course there are cases where prescribing pain pills is necessary. If you and your doctor decide your condition warrants using these potent painkillers, Consumer Reports cautions take them exactly as directed and be certain not to combine them with sleeping pills or alcohol. It's also crucial that you never share your prescription with someone else.


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