Crack The Code On Price Tags And Save Money

We've all seen price tags that end in .24 or .49. Wonder about those wonky numbers? They actually hide a secret about sale prices. Two Wants to Know has learned how to crack the code and save you money.


You know what's on clearance there. The store slaps big red tags of their stuff. But the key to knowing when you're getting the best bargain is in the upper right corner. It's a tiny number - in this case it's 30. It's the markdown percentage. So my box of coffee cups is 30 percent off.

Target marks stuff down in increments of 15/30/50/75 and 90 percent and makes the change every 10 to 14 days.

So now the question becomes - do you gamble and wait for that 90 percent? If there's 40 of the items stacked on the shelves, maybe. If there's just two, maybe not. But at least now you know how low it could go.


Most of their items are marked clearance, but not always. You want to look for prices that end in .07, .27 or .97 like you see on this cat toy. When you see these 7 prices - you're not going to get a better price.

These are just two examples. The website put together a whole list of code-cracking secrets and made them into wallet-friendly cheat sheets.


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