Do You Drink Moonshine? Make Jewelry? You're Exposing Yourself To Lead

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Health workers found elevated levels of lead in and around a building at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. WRAL confirms the building is a warehouse used to store theatrical props and equipment.

The Forsyth County health director believes there is a minimal health risk for anyone who came into contact with the items stored there. But the director recommends blood tests for all those impacted. A simple blood test can show if you have too much lead poisoning.

And while exposure is more dangerous for children, adults who have lead poisoning can see higher blood pressure, muscle and joint pain, headaches, tiredness, slower reflexes and kidney damage.

What really peaked 2 Wants To Know's interest was the fact that the most common sources of lead exposure for adults is the workplace-and next is activities or hobbies. We're talking really common things like when fishermen bite the fish sinkers, if you making ceramics, stained glass or jewelry, target shooting at indoor firing ranges and even drinking moonshine.

Most of the time your body simply gets rid of lead, but if you are making jewelry and you have it on your hands and you don't wash it off and you touch other things in your house, you are exposing others to it-- the harm there is kids.


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