Don't forget The Damage Brine Does To The Frame Of Your Car

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- All this snow, ice and cold can take a toll on our cars. After our last snow fall, many of us let Mother Nature wash off the white brine residue that was caked our cars. The paint was shiny again, but our car expert at Roy's Automotive says it's the area underneath of your car you need to worry about.

Allen Roy says, "That's the part people miss. That salt gets up on the frame underneath the body of the car and starts to deteriorate, and rain is not going to get it off."

Roy gave us pictures to show you just how badly the brine can eat away your car. He recommends going to a carwash as soon as the roads clear up that has the jets that spray up underneath your car.

Tip: Make sure you don't leave your windshield wipers in the middle of your windshield. When you start your car, the wipers are going to try to go to the off position. If they're frozen in the middle, they won't be able to and your wiper motor could burn up.


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