Don't Let Last Winter's Germs Make You Sick!

If you think of winter, you might think of snow, and all the germs that go around.

WFMY News 2's Tanya Rivera showed off her winter "to-go bag." She keeps it in her trunk just in case she needs it for winter weather voverage. It has her gloves, scarf, and hat she wore last winter. If you're like Tanya, when you didn't need them anymore, you forgot about them. Which means those items and your winter coats have not been washed. Think of what you've done in these items: sneezed, coughed, sweated while you shoveled snow, and used them to bundle up when you had to go to the doctor.

So a good washing before the season comes back around is key to making sure last winter's germs don't come back to haunt you. But it's also good during the season. Cold viruses can survive for several days on surfaces. Real Simple Magazine says storing gloves in our coat pockets is a no-no. Just think of the germs you're storing away, plus the glove gets damp from hand perspiration and can smell like mildew. Instead, you should wash them and put them away for next year.


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