EpiPens On Craigslist. Don't Even Think About It!

Used Items: What You Should Never Buy

Bike helmets, car seats,  make up. These are items you should never buy used. There's no law against it, but health and safety wise, its not recommended.

But there is a law against buying or selling prescription medicines. That's not stopping people from posting EpiPens,  especially since the medicine is literally life and death and it's way expensive.

2WTK checked Craigslist posts in our area. We found a 2-pack of EpiPens for $250. The retail price is around $600. This listing was posted out of Thomasville and it says the expiration date isn't until November 2017

Our TEGNA news partners KUSA, also looked at Craigslist postings for EpiPens. They found one that revealed the EpiPen had expired but that they "googled it and thought it might be fine".

Yipes. Might still be fine?!?!  We're talking life and death. Some folks might turn to Craigslist for EpiPens, expired or not, due to the price. And while it is illegal, when you're choosing between your mortgage and a medicine to keep you alive, you may choose to buy it illegally. Before you do, think about the safety issues.

"There may be a safety concern where the EpiPen may not contain Epinephrin the medication used for allergic response," explains Joseph Saseen, PharMD/CU Skaggs School of Pharmacy. "And  we may have a contaminated product since it's being sold without a valid legal prescription."

Just last week, Mylan, the maker of the EpiPen confirmed  it will now offer a $300  generic and $300  off coupons for the name-brand drug. But at this point, there only time frame on these offerings is, "in the coming weeks". 

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