Fee Fury - Hotels Bulk Up Their Bills With Extra Fees

It's not just airlines anymore - hotels are raking in the dough from extra fees! A new study finds hotels will take in a record $23 billion in revenue from add-ons. That's six percent more than in 2013 and nearly double that of a decade ago.

What kinds of fees are we talking about? Charges for storing luggage, in-room safes, internet access, early check in or late check out and even one hotel charges for putting your *own* food in the hotel fridge!

Those fees can apply to any kind of hotel.

CBS News travel expert Peter Greenberg says it all boils down to failure to disclose. But there is something you can do. "The night before you check out when you get back to the front desk,on the way back to your room, say, 'Hey, Can I see my bill?' That's when you dispute it. Because if they fail to disclose, you have rights. You dispute the charge with your credit card company."

Greenberg says the room rate you see online is just the beginning. You need to ask about charges to make sure you're getting great value from your stay.

Here's a list of the common fees:

  • Storing luggage for a few hours after check-out time: $1 or $2 per bag
  • In-room safes: $1.50 a night
  • Internet access: $10 to $25 a night
  • Personal use fee for storing your own water bottle or drink in hotel fridge: $25
  • Early check-in/late check-out fee: $30
  • Receiving or sending packages for guests: Anywhere between $1 and $25
  • Minibar re-stocking fee: 18% of items bought


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