Food Myth: Potato Chips vs Pretzels

GREENSBORO, NC -- This week, 2WTK is talking fact versus fiction. And when it comes to picking a snack, you might think you know the facts.

Pop quiz!

Which is better for you: fat-free pretzels, or organic potato chips? If you guessed the pretzels, you were wrong.

Although neither snack is a nutritionists first pick, Experience Life magazine nutritionists say pick the chips.

The pretzels have refined flour and consist of empty carbohydrates, leading you to crave more.People think they are healthy, but they're not.

While the potato chips aren't healthier, nutritionists {grudgingly) say at least the potato is found in nature. There is not such thing as a pretzel plant.

And with all things, remember, everything in moderation!


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