Getting Around Paying Airline Baggage Fees

GREENSBORO, NC -- It is pretty standard to have to pay for your full sized suitcase. But recently, folks have told 2WTK they've seen other travelers bring a bag, not quite a suitcase but much bigger than a carry-on, through security. When they go to board the flight, the bag is too big for the overhead compartment, so the flight attendant checks it --for free!

So, should you try it? We asked our USATODAY travel expert Charisse Jones.

"You know there might be some people who try to sneak a bag on that is too big and they gate check it to avoid the fees but generally speaking I do not think there are a lot of people doing that and I wouldn't recommend it because it is something that you are not going to get away with."

Jones says there are things you CAN do to get out of paying for your first checked bag--open a credit card. There are certain cards with Delta, United and American Airlines that will let you check your first bag free-- as long as you use their card to purchase the tickets.

NerdWallet's Pros & Cons of Airline Credit Cards with FREE Baggage.


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