Getting The Right Coverage When Doing A Self-Move

It's the worst way to start a move -- watching video of a thief stealing your rented moving truck with all your belongings inside. That's exactly what happened to clothing designer Rita Irisarri and her musician husband Rafael.

"It really took me by surprise. I'm trying to hold myself together," said Rita.

If you think cargo insurance has you covered in a situation like this, think again. U-Haul sells cargo insurance with their rentals but the policy doesn't cover theft. In fact, both U-Haul and Penske offer cargo coverage, but nothing for the theft of your goods.

Stephanie Marquis from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner explained that cargo coverage typically covers your stuff if it's been damaged in a crash or fire. In fact, most insurance policies offered by rental companies only cover damage to their property, not yours.

"Whatever you get through the moving van company probably won't cover the contents. It will cover if you're driving and damage the vehicle," said Marquis.

So how do you protect your personal items? It's all handled through your homeowners or renters insurance.

"If you had a policy before, you'd want to make sure that you kept it, in force, until you got to your new location," explained Marquis. "And if you've canceled it, you want to contact your agent or broker to find out if they can start a new policy for you on your new place."

Taylor Vick moved to the area from Minneapolis. He had his U-Haul rental stolen yesterday just 15 minutes after he parked at the Bellevue Hilton.

"To steal an entire truck with your entire life in it is a real low move. It's real upsetting," said Vic.

The truck with Taylor's belongings was found this morning in Tacoma. He's covered because he transferred his renters insurance from his old place to his new one.

"It's just a frustrating start to what was a new chapter in my life," explained Vick.


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