Got A Can Of Spray Paint & Cereal Boxes? You Have Instant Organization And Style

GREENSBORO, NC -- When you hear the words "make over" you probably think "money". Not this time.

Laura Redd of Laura Redd Interiors showed 2WTK how to use the boxes from your pantry and a can of spray paint to create our own organization.

She used her own junk drawer as an example of how we all have those trouble spots in our home. She picked out several boxes from the pantry - think cereal, nutrition bars. She cuts the boxes to fit the dimensions of the drawer or box she is working with, then spray paints the inside and outside of the box so it looks uniform. Then, organize what you need where you need it.

Laura showed how it can be done in a drawer, a crate or a photobox or bin of your choice. The idea is to make it uniform in color, appealing to look at and functional.

This is an easy project for the kids too. They can pick out their own boxes, help you cut and spray paint and then organize their drawer or bin. When they take ownership, Laura says it is more likely they will follow through.

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